Tuesday, April 22, 2014

C4KSummary for the month of April

C4KSummary for Amber

I had the opportunity to visit Amber's page on Mrs. Jacobsen's class blog site. I was able to read Amber's story about her first day at camp. Amber had the opportunity to kayak around, and she admits almost falling out when she was in a single sized kayak. Amber felt safer when she was in a double sized kayak with her friend Trinity. Amber also expressed how she missed her teddy bear at the camp and that she was ready to be home with her family. Amber also provided a photo of her kayaking around in the water. In my post to Amber, I let her know how fascinated I was with her blog post and that I had a kayak when I was young. I also informed Amber that I attend the University of South Alabama, which is located in Mobile, Alabama. I let her know Mobile is famous for its seafood and Mardi Gras. I concluded by saying how impressed I was with her blog post and how I am looking forward to reading more of her work.

C4KSummary for Mrs. She's Class 18

I had the opportunity to visit Mrs. She's class blog site. Mrs. She's class sang the months of the year in the Maori language. I informed Mrs. She that I was fascinated by her class's performance. I also informed Mrs. She that I believe it's important as educators to apply fun and engaging assignments to our curriculum. Also, I asked Mrs. She if she knows where Mobile, Alabama is on a map. I informed her that Mobile is famously known for Mardi Gras and seafood. Lastly, I informed her that I am looking forward to observing more of her class's work.

kids singing photo

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