Monday, April 7, 2014

Blog Post 12

As educators, I believe it's important that we provide our students with vital tools and resources for their success. We also need to have the knowledge and understanding that we might have students in our classroom who have disabilities. Having students with disabilities in the classroom can be challenging, but it's our responsibility that we accept and embrace those students and provide them with a premier education. In no way, shape, or form should we alienate students with disabilities in the classroom. I think it's essential to educate all students about disabilities so students without disabilities have the knowledge and understanding to not ask intrusive questions to students with disabilities. I had the opportunity to explore and examine a couple of assistive technologies, which are accessible for educators to employ in their classrooms.

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iCommunicator: Assistive Technology for People who are Deaf

I learned a lot of valuable information about the iCommunicator. The iCommunicator is an assistive technology computer software program, which is being utilized by deaf and hearing-impaired students. This program assists students in communication by translating the spoken word to text on a computer screen. It also has the capability of converting the spoken word to sign language. There is an interactive woman who signs to the students on the computer screen. Students also have access to write their thoughts and ideas and the messages transmit aloud. The iCommunicator provides a sense of confidence and independence for deaf and hearing-impaired students as well as it improves their communication skills. This creative and innovative software is a productive tool for deaf and hearing-impaired students in the 21st century.

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Kidspiration as Assistive Technology in the K-5 Classroom

I also learned about an assistive technology software program called Kidspiration. Kidspiration is a program that helps students organize their thoughts and ideas. This tool serves students with learning disabilities. It also offers some easy ways to help English-language learners and Kidspiration has the support of the IDEA. Kidspiration is a visual tool that allows students to organize and process new and old information. The software also transmits the information in a fun and interactive way so it is easier for the students to understand. Kidspiration also improves students' reading and writing skills as well as their creative and innovative thinking skills. Organizational skills are important and I believe this software is a useful tool in helping students become more organized. Kidspiration is a tool I consider to be productive and I would use it in my classroom.

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  1. William,

    I did a site visit for one of my education classes at the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind and I saw a bunch of different types of assistive software and other devices for people with vision impairments. Great post on two really useful examples of assistive technology.

    Mitchell Lane