Tuesday, April 22, 2014

C4KSummary for the month of April

C4KSummary for Amber

I had the opportunity to visit Amber's page on Mrs. Jacobsen's class blog site. I was able to read Amber's story about her first day at camp. Amber had the opportunity to kayak around, and she admits almost falling out when she was in a single sized kayak. Amber felt safer when she was in a double sized kayak with her friend Trinity. Amber also expressed how she missed her teddy bear at the camp and that she was ready to be home with her family. Amber also provided a photo of her kayaking around in the water. In my post to Amber, I let her know how fascinated I was with her blog post and that I had a kayak when I was young. I also informed Amber that I attend the University of South Alabama, which is located in Mobile, Alabama. I let her know Mobile is famous for its seafood and Mardi Gras. I concluded by saying how impressed I was with her blog post and how I am looking forward to reading more of her work.

C4KSummary for Mrs. She's Class 18

I had the opportunity to visit Mrs. She's class blog site. Mrs. She's class sang the months of the year in the Maori language. I informed Mrs. She that I was fascinated by her class's performance. I also informed Mrs. She that I believe it's important as educators to apply fun and engaging assignments to our curriculum. Also, I asked Mrs. She if she knows where Mobile, Alabama is on a map. I informed her that Mobile is famously known for Mardi Gras and seafood. Lastly, I informed her that I am looking forward to observing more of her class's work.

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Project #4 - Comments4Teachers

C4T#4, comment 1

I had the opportunity of reading Dianne Krause's blog titled "A Whole New Diannne". The title of her most recent post is named "Daily Digital Discoveries" posted on April 4, 2014. Ms. Krause provides her audience some resources and tools for educators and students to better enhance and enrich their skills and abilities. The first resource she provided is a link to a tutorial on how to properly format an MLA document in Google docs. The second resource she provided is ways to protect individuals when posting on social media. There are a lot of inappropriate sites out there, and it's important to be educated on what you should and should not post. It is key when using social media to apply good grammar and punctuation as well as present substantive information. It's essential not to post spam or pretend you are someone else. The third resource she provided gives insight into what is "gamification" is and how it applies to 21st century learning. Gamification allows for students to express their creativity and innovation in the classroom and the idea focuses on independent learning. This approach also focuses on rewarding students when they achieve goals. We want our students to be motivated and excited about learning I believe this method is productive in doing just that. In my post to Ms. Krause, I let her know that I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I let Ms. Krause know that her blog post intrigued me because it provided me with some resources and tools, which I can utilize in my future classroom. I told her I believe it's necessary for educators to allow students to express their own knowledge, skills, values, and opinions in the classroom. I also informed her that educators should be continuous learners. Exploring and investigating new technological tools and devices is productive, and it's beneficial for educators to implement them into the curriculum.

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C4T#4, comment 2

I had the opportunity of reading Dianne Krause's blog titled "A Whole New Diannne". The title of her most recent post is named "Daily Digital Discoveries" posted on April 22, 2014. Ms. Krause provides her audience about information on flipped classroom professional development. A synopsis of a flipped classroom professional development is the idea of creating and enhancing projects in appropriate settings. Communication is important because it allows educators and students to collaborate and share thoughts and ideas. Flipped classroom professional development allows for more creativity and innovation in the learning and planning process. In my post to Ms. Krause, I informed her that I believe it's essential to allow students and educators to share their thoughts and ideas in and outside of the classroom. I also informed Ms. Krause that I believe it's important to incorporate technology into our classrooms and provide our students with all of the necessary tools and resources. I concluded my post by thanking Ms. Krause for providing me with valuable tools and resources that I can implement into my future classroom.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blog Post 13

The assignment is to watch Michelle Obama's Speech on Fitness Training and Nutrition Tips and to write a quality blog post answering the questions numbered below:

1. Why do you think it's important for individuals to exercise and eat healthy?

2. What can we learn from Michelle Obama's speech?

3. Do you exercise daily?

4. What types of fruits and vegetables do you enjoy?

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My passion as an educator is to inspire and motivate my students to eat good nutritious foods and to exercise. As educators, we should promulgate to our students on ways to be healthier and live longer. In today's society, the obesity rates are astronomically high for kids and teens. As educators, our mission should be to discover inventive and creative techniques to assist in bringing those alarming numbers down. We can do this by educating our students on the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, to encourage and empower our students to exercise for at least thirty minutes a day.

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I learned a lot of valuable information from Michelle Obama's insightful speech about educating students about the benefits of eating healthy and exercising daily. I learned from Mrs. Obama that one and three American kids and teens are either overweight or obese. Medical professionals are seeing more and more kids and teens with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type two diabetes. I learned from Mrs. Obama that the government, along with her support started an initiative called "Let's Move" that encourages kids and teens to be physically active. Also, I learned from Mrs. Obama that we have to change the culture in America by advocating eating fresh fruits and vegetables. We also need to transform the mindset in our kids and teens from video games and television to playing outside. A word I learned from Mrs. Obama is moderation when eating. The over-consumption of food, especially late at night can lead to adding extra weight. Famous athletes and movie stars are promoting the "Let's Move" campaign to encourage students to be active and eat nutritious foods. Lastly, I learned as educators; we must set a good example for our students by eating nutritious foods and participating in physical activities at school, as well.

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I have to be honest, my favorite time of the day is when I am exercising. I try to exercise at least six days a week. My exercise regiment includes running two miles, some light weight-training, and playing pickup basketball. I would encourage everyone to run at least a couple of times a week. Running is an activity that allows you to relieve stress in your life as well as connect with nature and the outdoors. If you are someone who cannot afford a gym membership there a number of physical activities you can perform at home to build muscle and burn fat. My passion is basketball so I love going up to the YMCA and playing a game of three-on-three. I encourage everyone to at least take a walk around the neighborhood or go to the park.

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I was fortunate to grow up in a family that served fruits and vegetables. So, as a child, I was accustomed to nutritious foods, so I enjoy them even more today. My favorite vegetables are turnip greens, okra, and green peppers just to name a few. My favorite fruits are apples, bananas, and peaches just to name a few. I would encourage everyone to eat more fruits and vegetables because they will help you live a longer, healthier life.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Blog Post 12

As educators, I believe it's important that we provide our students with vital tools and resources for their success. We also need to have the knowledge and understanding that we might have students in our classroom who have disabilities. Having students with disabilities in the classroom can be challenging, but it's our responsibility that we accept and embrace those students and provide them with a premier education. In no way, shape, or form should we alienate students with disabilities in the classroom. I think it's essential to educate all students about disabilities so students without disabilities have the knowledge and understanding to not ask intrusive questions to students with disabilities. I had the opportunity to explore and examine a couple of assistive technologies, which are accessible for educators to employ in their classrooms.

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iCommunicator: Assistive Technology for People who are Deaf

I learned a lot of valuable information about the iCommunicator. The iCommunicator is an assistive technology computer software program, which is being utilized by deaf and hearing-impaired students. This program assists students in communication by translating the spoken word to text on a computer screen. It also has the capability of converting the spoken word to sign language. There is an interactive woman who signs to the students on the computer screen. Students also have access to write their thoughts and ideas and the messages transmit aloud. The iCommunicator provides a sense of confidence and independence for deaf and hearing-impaired students as well as it improves their communication skills. This creative and innovative software is a productive tool for deaf and hearing-impaired students in the 21st century.

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Kidspiration as Assistive Technology in the K-5 Classroom

I also learned about an assistive technology software program called Kidspiration. Kidspiration is a program that helps students organize their thoughts and ideas. This tool serves students with learning disabilities. It also offers some easy ways to help English-language learners and Kidspiration has the support of the IDEA. Kidspiration is a visual tool that allows students to organize and process new and old information. The software also transmits the information in a fun and interactive way so it is easier for the students to understand. Kidspiration also improves students' reading and writing skills as well as their creative and innovative thinking skills. Organizational skills are important and I believe this software is a useful tool in helping students become more organized. Kidspiration is a tool I consider to be productive and I would use it in my classroom.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Blog Post 11

Group Pine Apple:

William Taylor, Heather Marsh, and Brionna Brown

Brian Crosby - Back to the Future

I learned a lot of valuable information from Brian Crosby's speech about meaningful and effective methods and techniques being utilized in his classroom. Mr. Crosby articulated the importance of allowing his students to be active and engaged in the learning process. Mr. Crosby is an educator who allows his students to express their own knowledge, skills, opinions, and attitudes in the classroom. Mr. Crosby takes a non-traditional approach to teaching. Mr. Crosby allows his students to express their thoughts and ideas through blogs and videos. Mr. Crosby also talked about the value of creating personal learning networks. Personal learning networks are formed through resources and tools such as blogs and Skype. Mr. Crosby encourages his students to blog and share ideas and videos with students all over the world. The idea of collaboration between his students is also important because it allows students to seek out answers to questions and problems in the classroom. I believe this method is the best way for students to learn because it challenges them to work hard and stay motivated. I believe motivation is important because students get tired of paper and pencil in the classroom. Technology allows for students to embrace and share their creativity and express their knowledge, skills, and ideas. Mr. Crosby also harped on the importance of allowing students to express creativity and apply their unique skills to technology.

Mr. Crosby's class is composed of second-language learners, but that does not inhibit the focus of reading and writing in the classroom. As educators, it's important to understand our students come from diverse backgrounds and practice different cultures, beliefs, and traditions. It's key that we accept and embrace those traits and apply them in the curriculum. As educators, it's vital we provide our students with significant resources and tools to enrich and enhance their creative and innovative thinking skills. I also believe it's important to present the curriculum to our students in a way that is comprehensive, interactive, and fun. Mr. Crosby talked about the inventive science lessons and experiments he formulated for his students that allowed them to engage in hands-on experience. I learned from Mr. Crosby the value of not taking the fast-food approach to education. As educators, we need to abandon this idea of linearity and conformity and promote project-based learning and creativity in our classrooms. We need to disenthrall our students and invigorate their passions, skills, and talents.

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Sam Pane 4th Grade

There is so much to take away from Mr. Pane’s class in this informative and insightful video. The very first thing that I noticed was that all of the students were excited to be learning. Mr. Pane used a very interesting tool to teach his class about Internet safety. The students created a superhero and then created a story that showed their superhero protect people when came to computer safety. This innovative approach not only taught computer safety, but also taught dialogue and writing skills, as well. His way of teaching should be an example for all teachers. He made the class interesting and fun, but also educational. The students were excited to learn and write. They also had other students read their comic strip, so they were teaching each other. The students wanted to share their work with each other and Mr. Pane. I liked how he had the students talk to each other before they started to get an idea of what computer safety was. Mr. Pane's innovative project also teaches the students about collaboration and communication.

Project Based Learning

In schools today, we are teaching collaboration between students. Not only is this important, but it is also important for teachers to collaborate, as well. What does this mean? In the video, it talked about how three teachers worked together in Canada to combine their classes. They had History and English combined with technology. The idea of collaboration enabled students to spend time creating projects. The teachers worked together to figure out how to combine their classes and create projects that fit the curriculum, and also allow the students to go beyond the required curriculum. We can learn from these teachers that we need to work together more. Two minds are always better than one. Not only do we need to give each other ideas, but also I like how they combined classes. I believe if schools were to implement this idea it would give students the opportunity to use critical thinking.

I think that most people today put a limit on what children can do. When I watched this video I thought, wow these students started young. When you think this way you are taking away from the students. From this video, we can learn that if we let the students do then they will surprise us. They had first grade students doing PBL, and they use collaboration on their projects. The teachers take real world problems and use them in their classroom. Project-based learning allows students to think for themselves. When I was in school, we did not have this, and to be honest, there was not much thinking going on. Project-based learning also will help students down the road when they are on their own.

Roosevelt Elementary PBL Program

The term that keeps popping up is the idea of collaboration between peers in the classroom. Not only collaboration between students, between teachers. As educators, it's important to understand education is evolving, and we have to work together with not only our colleagues but our students, as well. The idea of educators working together is productive and it also allows them to assign collaborative assignments to their students. A good teacher will receive help and ideas from other teachers and give some of their own. I was talking to a friend the other day, and she is currently a second grade teacher. She was telling me that there were a lot of new teachers at her school, and she was one of them. The principal had the older teachers and younger teachers work together, but the problem was that the older teachers did not want to work with the younger teachers. The approach was counterproductive because there was no communication among them. It's difficult for my friend because she does not have anyone to go to for help and guidance. It's necessary for teachers to work together not only for themselves, but for their students, as well.

Kids science photo

Blended Learning Cycle

Blended learning is combining online, mobile, and classroom learning into one situation. Technology is a powerful tool that allows to educators to connect and communicate with their students. There are five E’s incorporated into the learning cycle: engage, explore, explain, expand and evaluate. By following the five E’s, it is a great way to present and learn new material. Mr. Anderson created an acronym to develop parts of blended learning-QUIVERS. He has six arrows in his quiver that symbolizes that there are six parts to his blended learning cycle. The first part of his cycle is to have a good question. A good question is the hook that grasps the students' interests in the material being taught. An investigation always begins with a good question. Inquiry learning allows the students to experiment with a question. Another approach to teaching the given material is through videos. Mr. Anderson uses educational videos as a way to differentiate the lecture but still deliver the necessary information. After further information has been given, elaboration is necessary. Mr. Anderson elaborates on essential details before moving on to the next step, which is reviewing. During the review process, Mr. Anderson meets with the students individually or in small groups. Each student is not allowed to move on to the last step until he is confident with his or her responses during the review. The final step is a summary quiz, which tests the students’ knowledge and understanding of the material. By using Mr. Anderson’s approach to blended learning, the students are able to experience a well-rounded style of education.

Making Thinking Visible

Mark Church is an educator who encourages the idea of collaboration in his classroom. Mr. Church assigns his students to work in groups to come up with a headline about the search for human origins. Mr. Church used headlines as a way to force the students to think about the challenge behind the given material. This assignment allows the students to focus on how their thinking was extended and go beyond the obvious answers in the text. After time has passed, Mr. Church will have his students return to the material, creating another headline. The second headline should show growth in the students' thought processes and provide a significant difference in understanding the material.

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C4KSummary for the month of March

C4KSummary for Tane

I had the opportunity to visit Tane's page on Mrs. She's class blog site. I was able to view Tane's personal picture. I informed Tane in my post about the importance of allowing students to express their inventive and creative skills in the classroom. I told him he took a very nice picture. I also told him that I attend the University of South Alabama, which is located in Mobile, Alabama. I expressed some of the excellent qualities about Mobile including the delicious Gulf Coast seafood and the exuberance of Mardi Gras. Mrs. I also told Tane about the value of having fun in the classroom. As educators, we want to motivate and inspire our students to have fun when creating projects as well as promoting critical thinking skills in the classroom. I am fascinated by the use of technology from the second graders in Mrs. She's classroom. I only wish I had the tools and resources when I was a student in elementary school. I also informed Tane that I am looking forward to reading some of his work.

C4KSummary for Joseph

I had the opportunity to visit Joseph's page on Mrs. Lagitupu's class blog site. I was able to read Joseph's story about his class trip to Ambury farm. Joseph as his classmates had the opportunity to observe some sheep, chickens, cows and a bull. Joseph informed his audience that one of the individuals in charge of running the farm told Joseph and his classmates the difference between two cows. Joseph also provided his audience with a photo of a cow. He also presented a picture of a cow he drew. I informed Joseph in my post about how I enjoyed reading his post, and I provided him with some brief information about Mobile, Alabama. I told him Mobile is a port city, and it's well known for seafood and Mardi Gras. I also told him that I love animals, and I'm glad his class had the opportunity to observe some farm animals. I also informed Joseph that I am looking forward to viewing more of his posts and illustrations.

C4KSummary for Isara

I had the opportunity to visit Isara's page on Ms. Paget's class blog site. I was able to read Isara's descriptive account of Cyclone Lusi. Isara described the cyclone as being a category one with fifty miles per hour winds. He also described the effect the cyclone is having on the communities in its path. The cyclone is causing heavy rain and high winds and is damaging houses. I informed Isara; I am a student at the University of South Alabama, located in Mobile, Alabama. Also, that Mobile is well known for seafood, Mardi Gras, and, unfortunately, hurricanes. I let him know I have experienced heavy rain and high winds before. I also let Isara know that he did an excellent job of describing the conditions of the cyclone and the hope nobody is hurt and that aid will be provided to those affected. Lastly, I informed Isara that I am looking forward to reading more of his work.
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