Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blog Post 3

The substantive information I received from all three videos is to stay positive and be kind with your peers when evaluating he, or she's performance. It's important as a reviewer to articulate your suggestions in a way that is meaningful, so that they might grasp the knowledge and information, as well. I also believe it's pivotal to converse the importance of sentence structure, as well as grammar and punctuation. Remember to converse this information in a way that is beneficial to the writer. I think it is key for the writer not to feel inferior in the peer editing process. Then, as a reviewer collaborate with the writer, so he or she understands and comprehends their mistakes. As an educator, I will motivate and encourage my students to be open and honest with their work and not to be afraid to ask questions.

I know from my personal experience I hated getting a paper back from the teacher and the paper would be covered in red ink. I do not like the feeling of shame and embarrassment when others are evaluating my performance. However, I embrace criticism that educates as well as inspires me to be a more productive writer and thinker. So I believe these videos teach us to be open and honest with our peers and provide dialogue that is significant and substantive. The idea of being specific is key. When I am evaluating someone's paper I want the structure to be sound and the words to flow. The students did a good job representing some of the things I hate when someone else is reviewing my work. I do not like when someone is not on task or talking off topic when they should be reviewing and evaluating my work. Also, I do not like when a reviewer thinks they are always right about everything without adequately engaging in the research. One of my personal errors I make during the writing process is that I am not that good of a speller. So it's important for me to keep a written or online dictionary with me at all times. It's vital for the reviewer to stay positive and offer encouragement throughout the peer editing process.

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  1. Just type any word into the URL area at the top of Google (or any browser) and you can select from many dictionaries.

    Well done.

    Now apply what you know.