Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blog Post 2

I believe the central message in this video is that Mr. Dancealot is trying to educate his students about the art of dance; however, he doesn't allow his students to practice themselves. He uses the formal teaching methods of PowerPoint, and he is clearly the sole possessor of knowledge and information on the subject. Mr. Dancealot then expects his students to reenact what he's demonstrated in class for the final. The students had to rely on practice from home and the notes from class as a guide. Which this method obviously didn't help because Mr. Dancealot wasn't there for guidance or support. No, I do not agree with this conclusion on how to instruct a dancing class. The students needed to be instructed in an actual dance room. And Mr. Dancealot should be engaging and energetic with his students because the video clearly shows some were interested in the class at first.

I believe Mr. Roberts thinks teaching in the 21st century contradicts the idea that the instructor is the sole possessor or of knowledge and information. His thesis outlines that students do bring their own knowledge, skills, attitudes, and opinions in the classroom and they should express their ideas openly and honestly. Also, he outlines the countless number of resources available to students, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. I also agree it is vital for students to collaborate with their fellow students on projects and assignments. This allows for students to share their creativity and appreciate and understand the value of teamwork. Mr. Roberts believes students should take an active role in the classroom by using their creativity and information to solve problems. He also states that it is important to ask questions when you are unsure how to execute a task. I believe Mr. Roberts' ideas about the future of teaching are 100 percent correct. I believe with the advancement of technology, it is important as teachers to instruct our students in pursuing their passions and goals and inspiring them to work hard and to be motivated. As a future teacher, I want to incorporate technology and independent learning into my curriculum because I believe challenging your students is essential to their success.

This video illustrated to me for the first time of what it's like to be a student of Connectivism. I found this method to be very intriguing. The general message I received from watching this illustration is the idea of a teacher being more like a guide rather than the sole possessor of knowledge and information. I enjoy the thought of a teacher getting excited over the fact his or her students discovered the right resources or contacts. I believe this method is pivotal in this day and age of technology. I also like the idea that the instructor doesn't require a textbook for the course. From my personal experience, textbooks and worksheets have never excited me about learning. The idea of allowing students to reach out to contacts and resources and invite their knowledge and ideas into the classroom is fascinating. I like the method of Connectivism because it allows students to explore their own creativity and innovate new ways of communication on the World Wide Web. I believe the idea of independent learning and acquiring technological skills are crucial to be a good student in the 21st century.

I believe the point Ms. Davis is trying to convey in this video and her class is that technology is a wonderful resource for her students to connect with those around the world. Ms. Davis also believes each of her students learns differently and that technology is an avenue that allows her students to communicate their creativity. Ms. Davis also encourages her students to open up their minds and explore new ideas and communicate their skills in the classroom. Ms. Davis takes more of a non-traditional approach to teaching, as opposed to traditional ways. I thought it was very intriguing to learn about the website Ms. Davis and fellow teacher created called Digi Teen. This website encourages her students to write, blog, and share ideas and videos with students all over the world. The idea of collaboration between her students is also key because she believes she doesn't have all the answers so she challenges her students to seek out answers to questions and problems in the classroom. I believe this method is the best way for students to learn because it challenges them to work hard and stay motivated. I believe motivation is important because students get tired of paper and pencil in the classroom. Technology allows for students to embrace and share their creativity and express their knowledge, skills, and ideas.

This is my first time hearing about the instructional method called flipping a classroom. I am a visual learner so this method is intriguing. I enjoy the idea of students watching a lesson at home as well as being able to do practice problems and projects. This method allows for parents of the students to watch the lessons with them and provide help and guidance if needed. This also gives parents a better understanding of what is going on in the classroom, and it allows them to provide feedback to the teacher if they have any questions about the lessons. I think students get tired of sitting in a classroom all day so this method allows for them to watch the lessons at home and by doing it gives students a better knowledge and understanding of the material when they walk into the class the next day. I see this approach as being useful as a teacher, and I would go a step forward and probably would create a Facebook account for my class. This would allow students and parents to visit the page and see exactly when assignments and projects are due as well as watching videos of the lessons. Technology is becoming a significant part of the curriculum in today's classroom, and I believe this approach will be successful, and students will benefit greatly.

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  1. I found your blog to be very interesting. We share many of the same views in regard to the video responses. I also believed Mr. Dancealot did his students an injustice by teaching his entire dance course via PowerPoint presentations. He was very rigid toward his students and left them feeling unprepared and confused about their final exam. I also believe that teaching in the 21st century constitutes letting go of the traditional teacher centered approach to learning and adopting an approach that is centered on students and the ability of technology to be of help to them. Connectivism didn't necessarily intrigue me, but none the less is it a concept that is becoming dominate and will continue to do so in the future. Ms. Davis was a breathe of fresh air. She made it clear that all students do not learn at the same pace and did not use that as an excuse not to afford everyone the same opportunities in her classroom. Her primary focus was ensuring that all students learned while they were in her class, regardless of the fact that they may not have mastered the use of technology. Students were expected to use their own resources to solve problem and look up the meaning to words rather than her explaining them and that is very important when training a student to become a critical thinker. Flipping the classroom is a concept that I will most definitely use when I become a teacher. It offers many opportunities for student improvement and does so without utilizing extra class time to revisit certain concepts. It will also help parents to become more involved with their children's education.

  2. Our blogs paralleled on the same views and messages we took from the videos. Prof. Dancealot went about his teaching methods in what is considered a normal, lecture, power point style of class however it just wasn't a fit for the material that was being taught and it showed with the frustration of the class. With all of the technology based learning opportunities for up and coming students, the options are unlimited. I agree with you on "flipping the classroom" also. I will most likely use this method if it all works out in my classrooms in the future. Great Blog!

  3. "From my personal experience, textbooks and worksheets have really never excited me about learning." I agree!

    Thoughtful. Thorough. Interesting.

    You got two very good comments as well!