Friday, January 17, 2014

Blog Post 1

I am not going to lie that this class intimidated the heck out of me at first. I mean the first time I heard about this class and the horror stories was during registration. My advisor told me this course takes a lot of time and commitment. Then after reading the syllabus I immediately had a nervous breakdown thinking I couldn't do it. I believe I am a very engaging and creative individual, and this course welcomes both those traits. I like how this course is very open and honest about the idea of asking for help. I am a huge proponent of if you don’t know how to do something; ask someone.

Dr. Strange was very open and honest the first day of class by outlining the program and the expectations of it. My fears of this class are that I won’t be able to handle the workload or that I will have a panic attack. Also, the creative part of my brain will suddenly turn off, and I will fall into despair. I believe exercising daily and eating healthy and thinking positive are good things for the soul. My aspirations for this class are working hard and asking for help when I need it. I have never had a class like this before. The computer class I took in high school didn’t educate me about technology or feed my creativity.

I believe the most difficult part of EDM310 would be improving my time management skills. I have never had an issue with turning in assignments on time, and I definitely don't want to start now. I wouldn't call myself a procrastinator, but I sometimes wait to the last minute to do my assignments. I have to discipline myself to get my assignments turned in on time. Another difficulty I could face is that I am not all that computer savvy. I can address that problem by educating myself through educational videos and asking questions.

I don't have any questions that I need to be answered at the moment, but I definitely won't hesitate to ask. I am excited about embarking on this journey in EDM310, and although I know the road may be painful at times, you just have to weather the storm. I will always live by the words Jimmy Valvano said during the 1993 ESPYS.



  1. " I have to discipline myself to get my assignments turned in on time. " You are ahead with your posts. Great! Keep it up!

  2. William, I commented on your second post instead of this one! I was also very intimidated by the stories I had been told about EDM310. To be honest, I registered, dropped and then re-registered because of anxiety. After the first day of class I was still not sold on the fact that I would make it, but as the week continued my stress level decreased. Dr. Strange seems to be very engaging and the fact that he makes himself available for any questions relieved a lot of pressure. At times I feel that I am experiencing information overload because I am so concerned with not missing any deadlines but after this week I've made huge improvements. As long as we adhere to the master check list and ask questions as they arise I believe we will be just fine!