Monday, February 24, 2014

C4KSummary for the month of February

C4KSummary for Harley H

I had the opportunity of reading Harley's blog post on Mrs. Geldes site. The title of Harley's blog post is "Super Bowl" posted on January 31, 2014. Harley asks the readers a couple questions: 1. "Have you heard of the Super Bowl?" 2. "Do you know where the Super Bowl is?" 3. "Do you know how much tickets cost to be in the front row behind the field goal?" In my post, I informed Harley that I did know about the Super Bowl and the two teams playing in it. I believe the game was played a few miles from New York City. Also, I didn't know how much tickets cost for the game. I found Harley's post to be very interesting and entertaining. Harley informed the readers about Bruno Mars performing at halftime. I told Harley that Bruno Mars was the best part of the Super Bowl. Also, that Bruno Mars is a very talented musician and entertainer.

C4KSummary for Kyle

I had the opportunity of reading Kyle's blog post on Ms. Scott Lindsay's class blog site. The title of Kyle's blog post is "I wish I was at Carolina" posted on February 8, 2014. Kyle lets the reader know that he is sick with the flu, and he can't come to school. Kyle loves his school, and he's disappointed about not being there. Kyle says he woke up with a headache, but he's feeling better now. Kyle asks the readers a question: "How have you felt when you had the flu and couldn’t go to school?" I told Kyle that I felt horrible, and it was not a pleasant experience. I also told Kyle that the best medicine is to stay home and rest so his classmates won't get sick, as well. I informed Kyle where I was from and what I am studying as well as giving him some history about the city of Mobile. I concluded my post by saying I hope you feel better.

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C4KSummary for Elizabeth

I had the opportunity of reading Elizabeth's blog post on Mrs. Miller's site. The title of Elizabeth's blog post is "No Title" posted on February 5, 2014. Elizabeth asks her audience "Can money buy anyone’s happiness?" Elizabeth then informs her audience that money cannot buy happiness and that your true friends are there for you no matter how much money you have. Elizabeth then tells her audience about the time she was betrayed by one of her friends, and that she didn't forgive her when she tried to apologize. Elizabeth also talked about the time she had a crush on a boy who didn't feel the same about her. Elizabeth also talked about how the boy tried to make up with her with money and candy and she refused. In my post to Elizabeth, I informed her that I agreed with her theory that money doesn't buy happiness. I also encouraged her to continue to trust and seek advice and encouragement from your true friends and family. I told her one of the hardest things to do is to forgive somebody, so I completely understand her thoughts and ideas about forgiveness. I concluded by saying I am looking forward to reading her future blog posts and conversing with her about her educational journey.

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C4KSummary for Sierra

I had the opportunity of reading Sierra's blog post on Ms. Frahm's site. The title of Sierra's blog post is "Color Poem" posted on February 3, 2014. Sierra's post provides a link to the poem she wrote titled "Easter Basket". "Easter Basket" is a wonderful poem with a lot of imagery and personification. A synopsis of the poem is the idea of a decorative basket in hiding until Easter. I liked how Sierra used illustration and expressive words to describe the thoughts and feelings of the basket when it finally was able to be filled with jelly beans and chocolate bunnies. The end of the poem concludes with the basket, feeling happy that Easter is now over. In my post to Sierra, I informed her that I thought her poem was awesome and well-written. I also told her Easter is one of my favorite holidays because of the quality time you spend with your friends and family. In conclusion, I told her that I am excited about reading more of her poems and blog posts.

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