Friday, February 28, 2014

Blog Post 8

As educators, it's important to supply our students with productive resources and tools during their learning process. We want our students to be active and engaged in meaningful technology that not only enhance their communication skills, but enrich their critical thinking skills, as well. As educators, it is our duty to make sure our students receive a high quality education. We also want our students to learn how to communicate with their peers and provide meaningful feedback when necessary. I believe collaboration is important because it allows students to interact and create projects with their peers. As educators, we also want our students to be creative as well as innovative when working on their projects. Teaching and learning in the 21st century is the idea of allowing students to express their knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, and opinions. After engaging in research, I found some quality communication tools I believe will be beneficial for students and resourceful across the curriculum.

I found Edmodo to be a fascinating tool to utilize inside and outside of the classroom. Edmondo allows for educators to communicate, collaborate, coordinate valuable information with their students. This tool allows for educators to post interesting topics or videos for their students. Edmondo also allows students to upload documents. The most important aspect of Edmodo is the idea of students having fun. As educators, we want to motivate and inspire our students to work hard and have fun. This tool allows for students to be active and engaged in the curriculum. Edmodo also allows educators to recognize deserving students with rewards. Another aspect of Edmodo I found to be intriguing is the idea of connecting and sharing information with parents. I believe parents are the foundation of a child's success. As educators, it's key for the parents to be active and engaged in what their child is learning. I found Edmodo to be an effective tool for educators and students to explore in the 21st century.


SlideShare is another fascinating educational tool for educators and students. SlideShare allows educators and students to discover, learn, share, and upload meaningful videos or topics like technology and education. SlideShare also allows for students to share their work to either Facebook, Twitter, etc. As educators, we want our students to connect and share information with individuals all around the word. Right now, SlideShare has more than 15 million uploads. As educators, we want ourselves to be continuous learners as well as our students. SlideShare allows students to be creative and innovative. I found SlideShare to be an effective tool for educators and students to explore in the 21st century.


While searching the internet I also found an intriguing educational website called Funbrain. Funbrain is designed for students ranging from preschool to eighth grade. It's a fun and interactive site for students to play educational games that improve students' skills in math and reading. Funbrain is also a safe site for students to browse and play educational games. Educators are encouraged to allow their students to use this learning tool during free time. As educators, we want our students to be excited about learning new skills. We want our students to practice and grow their skills, and I believe Funbrain provides them with those opportunities. I found Funbrain to be an effective learning tool for educators and students to explore in the 21st century.


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  1. You have researched and reviewed several great resources for teachers to use in the classroom. All three of these can be beneficial to educators. Great job!