Monday, February 24, 2014

Blog Post 7

This is probably the second or third time I have watched Dr. Randy Pausch's inspirational lecture on achieving your childhood dreams and enabling the childhood dreams of others. Every time I watch this lecture I learn something new about how to inspire and motivate others. Dr. Pausch was a passionate and creative professor who encouraged his students to work hard and dream big. Dr. Pausch believed it was important to be honest and to treat others with respect. I learned from this lecture about the importance of allowing your students to express their creativity, as well as their knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Dr. Pausch harped on understanding your students and their abilities and to value and respect criticism when given. Dr. Pausch also stressed the importance of teamwork and innovation when describing the curriculum of the ETC or (Entertainment Technology Center) program at Carnegie Mellon University. The program reflects the ideas and methods of project-based learning. Project Based Learning allows for students to use their own knowledge, skills, and ideas to create and enhance projects. Dr. Pausch also articulated the importance of revising and reflecting on your craft, as well as the craft of your peers.

I learned from Dr. Pausch the importance of incorporating fun into the curriculum. I think it's key as educators for our students to enjoy learning while having fun in the process. If our students are excited about learning than it makes teaching a lot more enjoyable. He also talked about how the ETC program is all project based without the use of textbooks. I enjoyed the concept of not using a textbook because I don't believe they serve the skills or abilities of students. Dr. Pausch articulated the value of working in a group as well as the evaluation process of the peers in a group. I, too, think it's important for students to evaluate their peers and provide meaningful feedback to them. This allows for students to have a better knowledge and understanding of their strengths and weaknesses as well as the key areas needing improvement.

I learned from Dr. Pausch the importance of respecting authority. I believe it's important because it allows quality and insightful communication between a boss and an employee. I learned from Dr. Pausch about the value of learning from our students. As educators, our students bring into the classroom so much knowledge and information, so it's vital for us to allow them to express and share their thoughts and ideas. Dr. Pausch articulated the importance of helping others. As a future educator, I want to do all I can to help and inspire others. I have volunteered in the past with some charitable organizations, but ultimately I want to encourage, motivate, and help my future students achieve their dreams. Dr. Pausch articulated the analogy of whether you are a "Tigger" or an "Eeyore"? I thought this analogy was so fascinating because it made me think and explore myself, and the teacher I am going to be.


I learned from Dr. Pausch the motto of never giving up. This concept resonated with me because there have been difficult times in my life where I've wanted to quit, but my internal drive, as well as sound advice, told me to keep pressing forward. Randy Pausch also talked about the "brick walls" you will be faced with in life. I have been faced with many challenges and obstacles in my life, but I understand those difficulties were put there for a reason. Dr. Pausch also harped on the idea of being honest with people as well as apologetic when you make a mistake. The life lessons I learned from Dr. Pausch are invaluable. As a future educator, I hope to assimilate those lessons to my students because I believe it applies to not only school but life, as well. In conclusion, Randy Pausch taught me the value of why those "brick walls" are there in our lives and with hard work and determination an individual could overcome them and achieve success. Randy Pausch's lecture combined the humor as well as the inspiration into seventy-six minutes. Dr. Pausch's lecture had a profound impact on my life, and his wisdom and advice will never be forgotten.



  1. I enjoyed reading your post. Your word choice made this very interesting to read. I agree about textbooks not being essential to learning because a lot of times they are not even used. Pausch's video defiantly gave me a new perspective on what kind of teacher I want to be. Great job!

  2. Thorough. Thoughtful. Well done! thanks!