Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Project #15 Lesson Plan

Investigating a Biome - Lesson Plan

In this project-based lesson plan, 4th grade students will obtain and share knowledge and information about a particular and interesting biome in our world. The project is an individual assignment. The objective is for the student to research and explore important information about the biome I assigned them and create a Google Docs presentation. The students will then present their presentations on the assigned day. Students are expected to use appropriate online tools including icuiro and YouTube. The timeline of this project is one week. My driving question is: I want you to imagine you are an adventurer and you're on an expedition to the biome I assigned you, what types of plants and animals would you look for and explore?

biome photo


  1. Hello William,
    I really liked your choice for a project. I am actually quite jealous that I never got to do anything like this in my 4th grade class. One question though as far as the calendar goes, how would you help the students that were assigned a biome that would not be reviewed until a later day in the week? It is a great project though, you did a really good job on it! keep up the good work!

    1. Revised. Thanks for the helpful advice.

  2. What an awesome idea for a project. We study biomes in our 6th grade science curriculum and we have the students work collaboratively to create a Biome Travel Guide where they have to "sell" their biome as a travel destination to their peers. Check out the project and resources on the Partners in Learning Network here: