Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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I had the opportunity of reading Nathan Horne's blog post on The title of his most recent post is named "Inspire Change - ECIS PE Conference 2014 - Zug & Luzern, Switzerland" posted on January 31, 2014. A synopsis of his post provides specifics about a conference in Switzerland hosted by a fellow physical educator. The topic of discussion is to "Inspire Change" and one of the keynote speakers is Jim Lawless. Mr. Lawless is a well-known writer and educator around the world, and he has a popular book out called "Taming Tigers". Mr. Lawless has had a positive impact on educators, and his message has reached people across the globe. A summary of my post to Mr. Horne consists of me introducing myself and my objectives as well as offering my thoughts on his blog post. I informed him that I was intrigued by the idea of physical education instructors coming from all across the world to be inspired and motivated about instructing physical education. One of the pre-conference workshops, teaches power yoga that I thought was fascinating. I have always wanted to learn how to perform and teach yoga. I believe it's a great way to connect with your body and the world around you. I have always been a big believer in having students connect with nature, as well. I have also heard yoga relieves a lot of stress and frustration is a person's life. I concluded my post to him by saying why I want to become a physical education teacher. My passion is to educate and inspire the youth of today to live active and healthy lives. In today's world, the obesity rates for children are at astonishing levels, and my passion is to bring those numbers down and inform students that exercising is fun. We as educators must empower and encourage our students to stay active and eat healthy, as well. I added Mr. Horne on twitter and told him I will be checking out his blog and sharing my thoughts and ideas, as well.

C4T#2, comment 2

I had the opportunity of reading Nathan Horne's blog post on The title of his most recent post is named "What's in Your #PhysEd Bag, Mel Hamada?" posted on February 18, 2014. A synopsis of his post details a look inside of a fellow physical education instructors gym bag. The educator's name is Mel Hamada, who has a fascinating blog and is well-respected in the academic community. I learned from reading this blog post about some interesting tools and gadgets in Ms. Hamada's gym bag. The Crumpler bag, Ms. Hamada uses, is the same bag she has used for the past 18 years. Ms. Hamada's bag contains a lot of technological devices, including an iPad mini, iPad shuffle, MacBook Pro, and a USB mouse and various chords, as well. I informed Mr. Horne in my post to him about how fascinating it is to learn that a PE instructor carries around just as many technological devices as a computer instructor. I also articulated to him that I am always carrying with me my MacBook Air as well as my iPhone. As a future teacher, I am always exploring and investigating new gadgets to enrich and enhance my technological journey. The intriguing aspect I informed Mr. Horne about is the idea of educators being continuous learners and actively pursuing new methods to educate and inspire our students. Some other interesting items in Ms. Hamada's bag are notebook paper, medical stuff, and chocolate. I informed Mr. Horne in my blog post about how proactive and responsible it is for Ms. Hamada to carry with her medical stuff in case of an accident or injury. It's always smart to take preemptive measures in a gym or classroom. I found it intriguing to learn Ms. Hamada takes notes about what is going on in our classroom setting, so later on in the semester, she can refer to them for information and guidance. I also found it interesting to learn that Ms. Hamada did not carry her phone or clothes which are located in her other bag. I articulated in my post to Mr. Horne on why I want to become a physical education instructor. My passion is to inspire and motivate students to live active and healthy lives. In today's society, the obesity rates are astronomically high for kids and teens. Our mission should be to explore inventive and creative techniques to promote exercise and eating fresh fruits and vegetables. I concluded my post by thanking him for the tools and resources he has provided me and the hope that he will visit my blog.

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